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Join the conversation on SEL, Advocacy, #teacherlife, Cultural Representation or any other topic you believe needs to be addressed.

Research and Practice

4: Longitud en Programas Dual: Dual Language in HS

Research and Practice

3: Meditación & Educación: Growing Personally and Professionally

Research and Practice

Comentario – Agradecimiento

Research and Practice

2: Advocacy from the Start

Research and Practice

1: Research and Practice

Comentario - El Elefante Que Rompió La Telaraña

17: Experiencias Unidas – No Longer Calladitas

Comentario - El Elefante Que Rompió La Telaraña

16: El Diploma No Define un Lider: From Dropping Out to Doctorate, A Rising Leader

He had the absolute honor to interview el Señor Raccoon. He shares the depths of his experiences and we engage in an open conversation about education reform.
Comentario - El Elefante Que Rompió La Telaraña

15: Positividad Genuina – Starting with a positive mindset

In this episode we have the privilege to interview Miss Campos! She is a first year teacher who experienced teaching for the first time in the midst of the pandemic. However, she expresses how she has managed to stay positive and even extend help to struggling teacher candidates as well.
Comentario - El Elefante Que Rompió La Telaraña

15: Liderazgo Auténtico – The Alt Admin

In this episode we got the honor to interview Daffne, better known as The Alt Admin. She shares her personal experience in the education world and how she hopes to further close to gap amongst learners, but also amongst educators.
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