About Us

Our Roots


We are three founders who immigrated to the beautiful city we now call Home, Chicago.  The three of us grew-up in similar neighborhoods and attended Chicago Public Schools. We made it through an educational system not equipped to meet our cultural and linguistic needs and serve now as change agents for the children we see ourselves through.  

Immigrants. Minorities. Women and Men of color, we are taking up space in education, entrepreneurship and technology areas to improve the outcomes for the very students we once were. 


LatinXChange was birthed out of a tangible and digital need. 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users. Users spend an average of 3 hours per day on social networks and messaging. The need for community and collaboration amongst educators is frequently requested yet seldom addressed.  We provide the opportunity to use a platforms to build teams across a social network while integrating and elevating the profession for Multilingual Educators. 

Our vision aligns with improvement to the educational offerings and support to multilingual and multicultural educators and students.  We welcome all educators regardless of sex, color, race or sexual orientation and relentlessly amplify the voices of those who have seldom had the opportunity to be heard.

Our Pillars


“It is the way we organize…that tells what we believe in”-C. Chavez  

We provide the opportunity to  build a community of educators without borders.


“A hallmark of the Latino community is to help one another…”-E. Ochoa

We provide a platform to collaborate on initiatives, projects, and resources desperately needed


“Its time to speak up and raise our voice…”-Y. Aparicio

We provide the microphone to elevate the voices of need and bring social justice and equity to our community. 


“The Latino population has become such a presence. We are part of the American tapestry in a very profound way, in every area you can think of, and are very significant in popular culture.” – Jimmy Smits

We provide the platforms to elevate Multicultural Voices and Representation in our classrooms.

Our Why. Our Vision.

Representation Matters

There are 14 Million Latine/Latinx Students in K-12 classrooms and 9 Million ML (Multilingual Learner) students.  There are less than 350,000 Latine/Latinx Educators.  

 We are building the platform needed for educators to collaborate with each other on the projects, resources and curriculum they need. We are strengthening our community across a social network while elevating the voices and work of educators everyday.

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Catapult Multilingual Education Forward