1: Research and Practice

Hola Hola! We are back with an AMAZING Guest for our premier of SEASON 2: Conversaciones con Colegas. As our premier episode, we bring you a charla with Dr. Lillian Ardell, a Chicago native and incredible #Eduprenuer making space for her powerful work centering around language work in literacy for bilingual teachers and students. She is a language cheerleader and a teacher advocate, who just wants the teachers who she serves to feel confident making instructional choices for their Emergent Bilinguals, Every. Single. Day.

You can find more about her and her work through:
Website: https://languagematters.org/
Twitter: @LillianArdell
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lillian-ardell-phd-2b3bb2195/
Our hope and vision for our podcast is to elevate the voices and needs of educators and students, especially those voices which are often silenced or overlooked. Dr. Lillian Ardell’s work aligns with LatinXChange in that she aims to bring brand awareness to her work, Language Matters, to promote the goals and vision of her research (that language teaching and language ideologies matter in the daily work of teaching and working with MLLs) and to encourage bilingual and ESL teachers to find their voice within their professional pursuits.
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